Whether you have just come to visit us or have been worshipping with us for months, we rejoice over the opportunity to officially welcome you into our church family by becoming a member!

Every few months, our pastors and elders gather with all those who have expressed their desire to join the church. New Member Classes are always announced several weeks in advance in worship and in the bulletin. Most classes are held on two consecutive Sundays after the second service.

During the classes, we will introduce ourselves, hand out a welcome pack, fill out a new member information form, take your picture, and pray together. After the classes are complete, we will schedule a Sunday where the new members are asked to come to the front with Pastor Ross to be recognized.

For those who feel so led, before or after joining or even as a refresher for long-time members, we do offer a “What it means to be a Presbyterian” class once a year. We come as we are and are freely welcomed into the family of God. We learn as we go, new and old members alike, growing in faith together and supporting each other with friendship and fellowship.

For us, the journey of learning about what it means to be Presbyterian at First Presbyterian Church of Burbank is part of a larger journey of Christian discipleship that we will all take together over the years. When you feel you are ready to accept the call to join our church family, please contact our church office for class times and New Member information or just fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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