Class of 2018 – Ardis Bazyn, Kathy Bond, Kyle Kelley, Trish Vosper, and Alex Wysocki

Class of 2019 – Carolyn Lessley, Kathy Rohwer, Sean Scott, Loretta Sigala, and Roberta Smith

Class of 2020 – Stacy Adams, Michael Hammell, Carolyn Jackson, John VanderGiessen, and Gerald Voelker

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fpcburbank Our “spook-facular” annual event features a-mazing walk-throughs, music, children’s games, amusements games, prizes, raffles and much more. #cityofburbank #churchonthecorner #fallfestivalBurbankPres

share with others in our network of friends how God is working in the life of our church and also for those in our community around us who looking for a new church home.

Pressing the Reset Button