DEACONS’ REPORT Nancy Foote, Moderator God has continually blessed the Deacons by offering to us the privilege and honor to serve him in ministering to our church family. Each Deacon, besides shepherding his or her parish assignment, serves on a Deacon committee.

These committees are: Hospital Visitation, Sunday Flower Delivery, Prayer Chain, Care Card Ministry, Bereavement (there were four this year), Communion, First Aid (maintaining First aid boxes), Help Resources, Membership (overseeing parish districts and attendance), Grief Share, Brain Disorder Mental Health Ministries and T.L.C. (tender loving care). We meet together and prepare gift bags for our shut-ins which we then deliver at Easter and Christmas.

The Deacons are divided into three classes:

Class of 2018 – Bruce Bailey, Wilma Bailey, Nancy Foote, Sheila Jackish, Aleta Smith, Jim Throckmorton, and Bill Vosper.

Class of 2019 – Yvonne Brenner, Tom Cotrel, Carlton Critton, Marj Fariss, Dorothy Harkness, and Rose Powers.

Class of 2020 – Maricia Baroda, JoAnn Corbin, George Mauney, Terry Nylander, and Keiko Parrott.