The officers of the congregation are the elders and deacons. Eighteen elders make up the Session which is the ruling body of the church. (the Greek word for “elder” is “presbyteros”, hence we are a “presbyterian” church, one that is ruled by elders. The work of the Session is done by eight committees. Following is a brief description of the work of the committees and the names of the members of each committee.

The Administrative Committee – is composed of the chairs of all standing committees and the Clerk, and is chaired by the Pastor. It receives motions from the committees, serves as the annual budget committee, prepares the annual report and plans congregational meetings.

Connections – Chair Ardis Bayzn, Roy Jasso, Rick Ridgway; co-opted members De Dollar and Tiffany Carpenter. This committee is responsible for evangelism, welcoming visitors, and encouraging fellowship among visitors, members and friends of the congregation.

Education Ministries – Chair Lydia Tracy; elders Ron Geraci, John VanderGiessen. This committee is responsible for the education, enrichment and nurture of all ages in the congregation. This encompasses a wide variety of activities such as Sunday morning classes, mid-week programs, small groups, youth ministry, teacher recruitment, etc.

Property and Finance – Chair Tim Black; elders Tim Black (Ch), Erik Adams, Don Dollar, Tamara Wells. This committee is responsible for handling corporate matters of the congregation, supervising expenditures, maintenance of all financial records and the stewardship of time and talent of members. This committee is also responsible for all buildings and grounds, and the care of all physical properties of the church, including furnishings and equipment.

Mission – Chair, Doreen Roadarmel; elders Mary Jane Weaver, Ardis Bayzn; co-opted member Norm Roadarmel. This committee is responsible for providing interpretation of the world-wide mission of the PCUSA and other missions and ministries approved by the Session. It recommends to Session the allocation of ten percent of the church’s total income to these mission efforts.

Nominating Committee – Chair Kathy Rohwer; the 2015 committee is not yet formed. This is a committee of the congregation, not the Session. For the congregational Election Meeting each year, the committee provides a list of nominees for the office of Elder, Deacon and for congregational members (4) of this committee.

Personnel – Within the past year the Personnel Committee met with staff members to discuss ways to best meet the responsibilities of their position.  With respect to staff positions, the Committee made two recommendations to Session: That we continue to share Eric Lindsey with Westminster Presbyterian Church in his position in Youth Ministries, and that we create a part-time position of Administrator of Property and Finance, with responsibility for providing oversight to the church’s investments, Information Technology, and property. The committee also forwarded to Session a Child Protection Policy for approval. Finally, the committee regretfully accepted the resignations of Carol Flynn and Kelley Tabor and is deeply grateful to them for the leadership and wisdom they provided. 

Members of the Personnel Committee: Nancy Cobb (Chair), Brenda Shelton-Schiau, Roberta Smith, and Trish Vosper.

Worship – Chair Dorothy Harkness; elder Carolyn Lessley. This Committee is responsible for the worship services, including guest speakers, music, decorations, ushering, weddings, and the appointment of elders to assist in the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. If you have questions or might be interested in serving as a co-opted member of one of these committees, please contact the committee chair. You do not need to be a church member to serve on a committee, only to chair one.

Christian worship joyfully ascribes all praise and honor, glory and power to the Triune God…In worship the faithful offer themselves to God and are equipped for God’s service in the world. (Book of Order)

The Worship Committee oversees all worship services, including music, ushering, baptisms, communion, decorating the sanctuary, and scheduling greeters. We are grateful for the many faithful volunteers willing to serve.  Members of the 2015 committee included Pastor Ross Purdy, Dr. Lisa Ham, Kathy Bond, and Carolyn Lessley.

During the year, Dr. Lisa Ham received the position of Director of Music Ministries and Organist.  In addition to directing the adult choir, she directs our children’s choir, adult bell choir, and children’s bell choir.  We are grateful to Carolyn Lessley for her piano accompaniment of choir anthems at rehearsals and at the 9:15 a.m. worship services. The Praise Team continues to enhance our 11:15 a.m. services.  In addition to some personnel changes, we now own a set of drums that is used by our Praise Team.

Our 7:30 p.m. Christmas Eve service was greatly enhanced by music from our Praise Team and all choirs, concluding with the lighting of candles supplied to each member of the congregation.

We especially appreciate all who assisted on Saturday, November 28th by decorating the sanctuary with poinsettias, garlands, banners, wreaths, and our traditional Christmas tree.

Holy Communion was served on Maundy Thursday, the beginning of Advent, and on the first Sunday of all months except December.  Many thanks to the Deacons who prepare for communion and for our Elders and Deacons who accept appointments to serve.  

With the dedicated efforts of Sean Scott and his crew, we have good sound throughout the sanctuary. Sound is also available in Fellowship Hall and the patio.  Our original organ pipes have now been connected and enhance the already wonderful sound of our organ.

Our congregation is blessed by the challenging messages of Pastor Ross, with assistance from our Pastoral Associate, Dave Lessley and, more recently, Eric Lindsey.  The Worship Committee is grateful for all who willingly accept responsibility for ushering, serving communion, greeting and assisting where needed.


The Board of Deacons, also composed of eighteen members, administers to those in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress. Source of Assignments per Session notes: Education Committee Lydia Tracy (Ch), Ron Geraci, John VanderGiessen Connections Roy Jasso (Ch), Ardis Bazyn, Rick Ridgway Mission Doreen Roadarmel (Ch), Mary Jane Weaver, Ardis Bazyn Nominating Committee (Ch) Personnel Carol Flynn (Ch), Nancy Cobb Property & Finance Tim Black (Ch), Erik Adams, Don Dollar, Tamara Wells Worship Dorothy Harkness (Ch), Carolyn Lessley